2️⃣2⃣ Database Options

See which Databases you can use and the configuration options needed

Currently the API Generator works with all Databases supported by EntityFramework itself. We have ready made libraries supporting MSSQL, SQLite and Postgres but the generator should work fine with MySQL and more with a litle bit of extra work.

To use our implementation just add the package you want

dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.SQL 
dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.Postgres
dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.SQLite

Then you can add the Database to your startup file:


To tell the generator a few further things such as connection string just set the config option in appsettings:

    "Database": {
      "DatabaseType": "SQL",
      "Connection": "Server=localhost;database=123123123;user=sa;password=Password!23;"

If you want to use automatic migrations add this to your startup:

while true or false defines wether destructive migrations
are allowed that could lead to data loss!

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