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Lets get started

Quick and easy first steps with the library

Install the library

The best way to use the API Generator is to just use the Nuget package:
Install required dependencies
dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.Data dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.Schema
Install further dependencies on demand The APIGenerator comes with a few optional dependencies out of which you need to pick at least the database ones to use the API properly. Install either of these for the matching database: TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.SQL TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.SQLite TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.Postgres TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.InMemory Further available packages for additional features: TCDev.APIGenerator.OData // If you want to use any OData features
Another option is to just use the packages for the Database you want to use directly, it will auto-install the needed dependencies, you can start like this: dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.Data.SQL
dotnet add package TCDev.APIGenerator.OData